Project Description

The role of software and data becomes increasingly important for future competitive advantages. Application Programming Interfaces (API) and their utilization as a platform enabling technology are the keys in the transition from SaaS model to platform thinking. Succeeding in such new technological and business environments requires fundamental developments taking into account and shaping the new rules of the systems and players. In our vision the key areas are API design principles, complex systems development competencies, and ecosystem creation and management capabilities.

Following that line of thinking, in this project, our goal is to

  • define techniques and competences for creating APIs for systems that consists of numerous subsystems, where newly introduced IoT capabilities enable connectivity;
  • pilot the techniques in the context of participating companies and their existing systems;
  • experiment innovation ecosystem creation using the defined APIs and potential business models in the context of participating companies (possibly including customers).

The research will be carried out in close cooperating with the participating companies, and they will also participate in the steering group of the project. Company use cases and needs will also power technical prototypes and pilot ecosystem formation effort. In all, new business may stem (items 2 & 3 above) from deep understanding of digitalisation as a whole (item 1 above).

Our strategy to tackle those challenges builds on the following three core concepts:

  1. complex systems understanding
  2. API-based system element connectivity
  3. digital ecosystem creation and management of value co-creation